3 Tips That Will Help You Market to Generation X

Generation X is the smallest generation, but Gen X consumers still have a ton of purchasing power and brand loyalty. Watch this video to learn how to bring in and retain more Generation X customers!

Marketing to Generation X

Did you know that 72 percent of Generation X consumers use the Internet to find businesses? To reach this generation and bring in more customers, your business needs a spotless online presence. Watch our video to learn the right way to market to Generation X.

Here's what you need to know about Generation X consumers:

  1. They were born from 1965-1980.
  2. Even though it is the smallest generation, Gen X consists of around 66 million people.
  3. Generation X accounts for 31 percent of all U.S. income.
  4. Around 95 percent of Generation X Internet users have a Facebook account.
  5. Generation X consumers are nostalgic.
  6. Gen X has the highest brand loyalty across all Generations. 

Here are some tips to help boost your Generation X marketing strategy:

  • Make sure your business's name, address and phone number are consistent across the Internet so Generation X consumers find you online when they are researching
  • Use Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising to reach Generation X consumers where they're already spending their time
  • Create retro/nostalgic marketing messages by incorporating elements that will remind Gen X consumers of their childhood
  • Make sure to reward your Gen X customers' brand loyalty with special discounts or even a thank you note

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