How to Reach Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to reach new followers for your business. Read on to learn tips on how to reach Generation X, Millennial and Generation Z Facebook users!

How to Reach Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z on Facebook

Did you know that more than two billion people use Facebook each month?

If you don't already have a Facebook Page, you're missing out on the chance to engage with new and current customers to make more sales and generate more leads.

But, simply having a Facebook Page isn't enough to effectively connect with your customers; what you choose to post on Facebook is even more important.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" strategy for social media.

Depending on what you post, some readers will read and click through to your website, but others will only skim your content. That's why you need to know which types of posts will work for each of your followers.

When you continue reading, you will be introduced to how Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z users each interact with content on Facebook.

How to Reach Generation X Users on Facebook

Not too long ago, Facebook was the place to go for Millennials. Now, 95 percent of people from Generation X have a Facebook profile. 

Generation X users aren't too different from the younger generations because they also enjoy looking at entertaining content in the form of blog posts, images or infographics and, particularly, video.

And while more than 50 percent of all Gen X users engage with videos from brands on social media, what really captures their attention is finding deals, promotions and contests from brands and local businesses.

The best way to reach your Gen X audience is to start sharing any of your store's specials regularly to get their attention. This includes your:

  • Daily or weekly deals
  • Promotional videos of your store specials
  • Contests or sweepstakes that you're running

Don't forget to use high-quality images or videos in your posts to display your deals when possible. As we mentioned, Gen-Xers will be more drawn to this visual content and this can create higher engagement. 

Another tip is to ask your customers to opt for seeing your Facebook posts first in their news feed (you can learn how to do so here). Doing so will allow them to see your latest deals when they log into their Facebook account.

How to Reach Millennials on Facebook

Marketing to Millennials on Facebook is a little trickier than marketing to Generation X. 

Millennials primarily use Facebook to stay close with friends and see what they're up to. They're less interested in deals and promotions and care more about information and entertainment.

In addition, if a Millennial is interested in contacting a brand, they are twice as likely over Gen X to reach out through social media, rather than email or call.

Millennials are also picky about the content that they view and will pass over anything that doesn't interest them. Writer, Lizz Kannenberg, from Entrepreneur states: 

They've "seen it all," so to speak, so you have to make sure what you are creating is fresh, new and unique. Source

And, just like Generation Z, they'll ignore any post that isn't authentic.

Although it may be difficult at times, the best way to reach your Millennial customers is to consistently publish new, informative and authentic content about your business. Here are some examples:

  • Behind-the-scenes videos of your store
  • Employee or client shout outs
  • User-generated content
  • Content related to your store's products or services (such as baking recipes)
  • How-to videos demonstrating what goes into your products or services

How to Reach Generation Z Users on Facebook

Gen-Zers are similar to Millennials because they use Facebook to get their information. However, what sets them apart from other generations is that they have a very short attention span, around eight seconds to be exact. 

Are you able to create content that can get the attention of your customers in that short time frame? That eight seconds makes all the difference before your Generation Z followers lose interest in your posts.

So, what can you post to grasp and retain the interest of your Gen Z customers? 

Videos, especially ephemeral videos, will have the largest engagement rate with your Gen Z customers, so you must create and post videos regularly. These can include:

  • Any 24-hour "flash sales" for Facebook Stories
  • Customer or client testimonials
  • Employee shoutouts
  • Quick behind-the-scenes videos of your store
  • Livestreams of your product inventory

Don't forget to make sure your videos are short and to-the-point. And, more importantly, anybody acting in your video should be relatable to your Gen-Zers; hiring a paid actor won't cut it. 

If you're also involved in your local community or work with charities, you must make it known to your Gen Z audience. Their purchasing decisions are motivated by good causes. You should share any posts supporting the cause to earn their respect and encourage them to support the cause and your business.

Closing Thoughts

Learning how to reach each generation can be exhausting. However, if you start following these tips, you'll be on your way to retaining your Generation X, Millennial and Generation Z customers' interest in your business. 

Just remember that building a solid presence on Facebook takes time and determination, and you should continue to monitor your Facebook Page to learn more about your specific audience and what content is (or isn't) working. 

And, if you need any more assistance, we have a social media plan that can help boost your Facebook (along with your Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) presence!

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