What RevSites Offer Your E-Commerce Website

What RevSites Offer Your E-Commerce Website

Content Writer: Anne Karasarides Anne Karasarides Digital Content Associate

As you may know, RevSites are a microsite service we offer to our clients which includes creating and managing an SEO presence, but these microsites provide so much more! Click here to learn exactly what the RevSite service has to offer your business.

Before we get started, let's take a look at your business. You have your high-performing brick-and-mortar location, but have you addressed just what your e-commerce platform needs? This is where a RevSite can come into play!

However, using a RevSite for e-commerce businesses has raised some questions, especially when companies already use platforms like Shopify for online sales.

Does having a RevSite hurt my sales? How is having a service with a local SEO strategy helpful?

Keep reading to find out exactly how RevSites offer your retail business so much more than other microsites.

How RevSites Help

Let’s cut to the chase. What is crucial to getting customer attention? We understand the importance of effective advertisements, slogans, etc., but there is a step that comes before all of this. It’s creating visibility.

Think about it — how is a potential client likely to see these ads or slogans if you don’t make your company visible when they are searching online? The best way to become visible is by optimizing your search presence, especially locally. This is also known as local SEO.

Everything that local SEO entails is done for you when our team of experts creates your RevSite.

So, let’s get back to those initial questions.

Simple and Directed Purchasing

Your sales aren’t hurting, but wouldn't it be nice to have even more? Utilizing RevSites sets your business up for online retail success! The website is managed and arranged to provide:

  • SEO value
  • Encouragement for customer action
  • A mobile-friendly platform
  • Quick editing capabilities
  • Easier marketing testing

But it also allows customers to make online purchases. How? RevSites are created with the ability to redirect customers to your business’s main website. From there, they can complete their purchase.

Not only are purchasing options easily accessible for customers but, as mentioned, RevSites present up-front encouragement for customers to act.

To understand this further, let's discuss the role of landing pages and calls-to-action.

A landing page is a webpage designed with intention. If a retailer is looking to drive online purchases, their landing page will include a call-to-action to motivate customers to purchase their products.

Our RevSite features open your business’s website for expanding personal sales.

SEO Advantages

As for the local SEO strategies that come with RevSites, the benefits are endless! As we mentioned, the visibility of your business grows.

By using SEO tactics, businesses see benefits with both in-store and online sales. In fact, as of 2019, 78 percent of local searches resulted in offline purchases.

Purchasing within one day of performing an online search increased from seven percent without local search to 18 percent with optimized local search.

We think it’s pretty clear — visibility from RevSite’s local SEO features equal customer interest and ultimately, sales.

Final Thoughts

So, why choose RevLocal’s RevSite as your retail business’s online platform?

To sum it up, it’s so you no longer have to choose between offering quick and easy purchasing capabilities and having a strong, well-managed local SEO presence through your website. We can give you both!

Let our RevSite experts create exactly what your e-commerce business needs to succeed in the digital space!

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