6 Tips to Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps businesses attract potential customers and expand market reach. Read on for six helpful SEO tips.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) helps businesses attract potential customers and expand market reach. This marketing strategy is particularly important since many people now use search engines to find information about products, services, and businesses. If your business appears on the first page of search engine results or among the first three search results, you will get more website traffic.

Discover six helpful SEO tips to help improve your website traffic.

1. Build Content Clusters

Google prioritizes websites that display trust, authority, and expertise. If your web page has high subject relevance to a specific search query, Google will rank that page first. Crafting content based on content clusters is a great way to show subject relevance. A content cluster refers to a main page and associated articles.

The main page is usually a long-form piece that provides detailed information about a certain topic. The associated articles will then narrow the focus and provide information about a specific topic related to the central keyword. Associated articles can be guides or blogs with links to the main page. When you use content clusters, you help search engines quickly find information on your website and relate that information to a search query.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

SEO's main objective is to provide your website with a favorable ranking on search engine results for specific keywords. So, it’s recommended to do routine keyword research to discover search terms popular with your target audience. Popular keywords must also relate to your business's products or services. You can do the research manually or leverage keyword research software, such as Google keyword planner.

3. Link Building

Links to your website on other websites can increase traffic for your business. This is what we refer to as Link Building. Additionally, search engines prioritize any website whose links appear on many other websites. So, collaborating with other website owners, especially credible and high-ranking sites, can be really beneficial for your SEO strategy.

4. Get Social

Today's consumer spends a lot of time on social media. If your business wants to increase brand awareness and draw more website traffic, it’s important to have a presence on social media. Success in social media marketing requires brands to be authentic. That means you should be careful about what you post and when you post.

Sharing links to blogs and videos on your website to your social media profiles is also a recommended best practice. In addition, always reply to any comments on your social media profiles to increase engagement. Another common strategy is to leverage hashtags to represent your brand and get more views on your content.

5. Create the Right Content

Quality content is the secret to better rankings on search engine results. Search engines will use specific indicators to determine the value of your content. A key indicator of valuable content is the length. Ideally, long-form content contains more details about a specific topic than short-form content. 

Your content should also be fresh and evergreen. For example, content that is several months old may not attract users looking for the latest information. You don't have to write new content every day, but even modifying existing content is helpful. Moreover, remember to add content to your page regularly, preferably at least once a week.

6. Boost Local Search Reputation

Google's algorithm prefers to provide results with information from the local area, so your website should be designed to take advantage of this factor. People near your physical office or store will easily find your website when you use local search indicators. Focusing on local search not only increases traffic to the website but can also boost foot traffic to your physical business.

Final Thoughts

Creating the appropriate digital marketing strategy can be difficult and time-consuming, we’re here to help! RevLocal offers digital marketing services to small and medium businesses across the country. Our services include local search, review marketing, social media, SEO, and paid advertising. Contact us to get started.

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