Which RevLocal Digital Marketing Strategy is Best for Your Business?

When starting out with digital marketing, it can be hard to know what to do first! Read this blog to learn what each of RevLocal's services can offer your business.

Marketing strategy

RevLocal is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in helping small businesses and multi-location brands be found and chosen online.

When signing on with a marketing agency, it can be hard to know which strategy to start with. In this blog, we've outlined all of our services and offered recommedations of where to start based on your business's needs. 

Quick breakdown…

  • Social Media
  • Paid Ads
  • Website Services
  • Local Search
  • Review Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics

1. Social Media

Social Media marketing is an essential strategy in today’s digital world. SmallBizGenius reports that 78% of businesses who market with social media see in increase in sales, have a 46% higher retention rate and bring in 68% more customers than those who don’t market with social media.

Social media has the power to drive big growth, but only if done right.

RevLocal’s social media plan is designed for businesses that post occasionally, but aren’t sure which social media platforms will offer the best return and who want to see better performance from their strategies.

Our social media team takes time to get to know your brand’s personality, come up with high-performing strategies and regularly post alongside the content you’re already posting.

Our team will work with you to plan out your social media content calendar each month and, in your monthly call with your dedicated strategist, you’ll get to see exactly what your social media presence is doing for your business.

We offer organic posts and boosted posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You get to pick and choose with platforms to focus on and which ones to leave out of your strategy. Our social media experts will be able to offer guidance on which platforms will perform best for your industry and which ones won’t offer a great return.

Learn more about social media marketing in this episode of our podcast, Marketing Revelations!

2. Paid Ads

RevLocal offers two different types of paid ad plans:

Targeted ads leverage geofencing and retargeting technology to specifically serve your ads to potential customers with high purchase intent.

Targeted ads are designed to move leads who are already in your sales funnel, even farther towards the sale.

Brand expander ads are designed to create demand and brand awareness for your business. These ads are impression based and come in multiple tiers based on your budget and how much exposure you want to give your brand.

Brand expander ads showcase your business’s personality, promotions and sales and your very best services and products. These ads are the perfect fit for spreading the word about your local business.

3. Website Services

RevLocal offers search engine optimized and mobile-friendly websites. These websites are designed with the user and search engines in mind and have a fast-loading speed. We also offer branded ecommerce sites.

There are two types of websites within our website services:

A microsite is a one page landing page designed with one call-to-action. These microsites are typically linked from an ad, locally optimized and direct the user to convert. Your fully functioning site is linked from this microsite.

Your fully functioning website can be integrated with third party vendors, any other RevLocal services and comes with unlimited updates.

Check out this video to learn more about why an optimized website is crucial for increasing conversions. 

4. Local Search

Local search marketing is the combination of several strategies that create a seamless online experience for your current and potential customers.

Local search marketing is what enables your business to show up on Maps and rank highly in the search results for relevant queries. It makes sure that your business’s information and updates are consistent across all online search engines and directories.

Local search makes sure that your business shows up online and gets chosen when the right customers are searching for what you offer.

5. Review Marketing

Our review marketing plan offers review generation strategies, responses and sharing.

When someone leaves a review, our platform will send you a notification instantly so you can respond! Your team at RevLocal can respond to every review and work with you to determine the best course of action if a particularly negative review gets posted. 

Showcasing your best reviews and keeping a constant stream of new reviews is important because potential buyers trust reviews

Reviews can be what sets you apart from your competitors. Watch this video to learn more about how we approach review marketing. 

6. Marketing Analytics

Our marketing analytics platform allows you to know what’s working and what to do to make improvements. The platform is integrated with all of your RevLocal plans, is easy to understand and gives real-time updates. 

One feature that sets our platform apart is the ability to track and follow-up with online leads! 

Your strategist will always comb through your business's data and share it with you in your monthly calls!

Final thoughts…

When you sign up for any of our plans, you’re assigned a dedicated strategist who will manage your account. You can rest assured knowing that your strategist and our product teams are working their hardest to see your business succeed!

Contact us today for a free consultation or to get started! Visit our Resources page to learn more.

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