Why Pest Control Businesses Need Paid Ads and Social Media

As a pest control company, you need to make sure your business is found online! Read our blog to find out how paid advertising and social media can help.

Why Pest Control Businesses Need Paid Ads and Social Media

In this new era of digital advertising and marketing that we have entered in 2020, there are new opportunities for pest control companies to take advantage of.

In the past, we’ve discussed some quick tips for pest control companies in the digital marketing space. But in this blog, we’re going to specifically focus on paid advertising and social media strategies for pest control businesses.

So, how do these strategies work and how can they help your pest control or exterminating business? Keep reading to find out!

Utilizing Paid Advertising for Pest Control Businesses

First, we have an increased opportunity in the paid advertising space.

The advent of Local Services Ads since we last discussed paid advertising for pest control businesses has led to a new search engine results page layout.

Previously, a search for pest control allowed for a company to occupy three spaces on the search page: search ads, local listings and organic listings.

With Local Services Ads, those spaces are still available, but we now have a fourth slot.

Because there are more areas on the page for a pest control or exterminating company to show up, the space at the top of the page has become even more valuable.

Since users tend to dislike scrolling to find what they want, being present at the top of the page is an important part of a lead generation strategy.

Running a campaign with Local Services Ads (should your business qualify and pass the onboarding process), search ads and a strong local presence ensures your best odds for your business appearing where consumers make decisions.

We also see that a strong review marketing strategy is crucial with any online advertising and marketing, but it is also a major factor in the effectiveness of a paid strategy with Local Services Ads.

Asking your customers to leave you reviews on your online profiles, especially Google, helps to improve your online strategies overall.

Why Pest Control Businesses Need Social Media

The next opportunity that has moved into the forefront of online advertising and marketing for pest control businesses is the social media sphere.

With more people consistently using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to find local businesses, engage with them and ask for recommendations from friends/connections, it is important to maintain a steady presence on your profiles.

Social media users also cross generational divides. You will see baby boomers, Gen X and millennial users on Facebook using the platform to find and interact with small businesses.

You can curate your content to speak to these audiences in ways that appeal to their buying sensibilities.

As an exterminator, attracting new customers and fans with social media means you’ll need a strong brand identity and personality.

Customers know when your brand isn’t authentic, and they will choose to not interact or share your content and your business with others.

It’s important that your business listens to your customers and community in order to create the content they want, while still fitting your brand.

By engaging your customers through social media, you also open up a new avenue for referrals and recommendations.

On platforms like Facebook, you can allow your business to be tagged in comments and posts. This is a great way for your happy customers to recommend you to their friends and connections.

Many people use social media to ask their extended friend groups for recommendations for local service providers.

You’ll want to make sure your business has a robust and active profile with content that showcases your brand, personality and the services you provide.

Final Thoughts

Changes in both the paid advertising lead generation space as well as consumer behavior have allowed more strategic marketing opportunities for pest control and exterminating companies.

An integrated digital strategy can connect you with more customers, generate more leads and build your brand.

For more information on how you can take your pest control company to the next level, fill out this form to get started!

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