The Latest LinkedIn Updates and How They Benefit Professionals

This blog covers the LinkedIn updates to watch for in 2023! Improvements to the job search experience, post scheduling and the paid ads platform are just a few things to look forward to.

LinkedIn Updates to Help Benefit Professionals

LinkedIn is elevating its platform in 2023 with some long-awaited updates and improvements. Some of the highlights include:

  • Improved job search experience
  • Scheduling LinkedIn posts
  • Updates to the paid ads platform

Every improvement by LinkedIn is an effort to streamline the experience of the individual professional and better serve how they want to utilize the platform. Many professionals use LinkedIn to promote their business, gain new connections, learn something new inside or outside their industry or imagine a new career. With these goals in mind, LinkedIn is rolling out these new, exciting updates!

1. Improved job search experience

Job searching is one of LinkedIn’s top functions. LinkedIn is helping to streamline the job search journey by incorporating a new function called “collections.” A job collection on LinkedIn is a grouping mechanism for jobs with specific characteristics.  

These collections go further than LinkedIn’s typical job filters by adding imaginative and exploratory elements. Job searchers can browse job collections like “near the beach” or “startup.” Adding these elements helps searchers imagine their life more easily in the job and can help spark new ideas about what kind of work environment would suit them best.


2. Post scheduling

Many social media platforms and third parties tools allow content creators to schedule posts in advance, and LinkedIn is now one of them. LinkedIn’s native post scheduling is still in its preliminary stages, but here’s a brief overview of how it works:

  1. Create a post on the feed like you usually would
  2. Navigate to the schedule icon near the post icon
  3. Choose your preferred date and time for the content to post
  4. Edit and save as needed

Time will tell whether LinkedIn’s post-scheduling feature will be effective for mass campaigns and month-to-month calendars or better serve one-off, individual posts.

3. Paid ad updates

LinkedIn is updating their paid ads platform to be more user-friendly and offer detailed campaign performance insights. While paid advertising has always been somewhat of a niche experience with primarily B2B marketing, LinkedIn is leaning into that niche with improved data analytics and pay structures designed for businesses of all sizes. 

4. Improved video accessibility

As video marketing continues to rise in digital marketing, LinkedIn is making strides to ensure everyone can access and benefit from the content.

LinkedIn will now automatically generate captions and subtitles for video content. These captions can be edited before posting! LinkedIn also offers a feature where content creators can enable a “high contrast” function on the videos to assist viewers with vision impairments. 

5. More specific job titles

More specific job titles are becoming available for professionals in certain industries. For example, if an individual works in the accessibility space, their job title can now say “Accessibility Designer” instead of just “Designer.”

This improvement will help individual professionals market and brand themselves more powerfully and help recruiters fill niche roles.

6. Content analytics

LinkedIn is now offering audience data and in-depth insights on top-performing content. Data analytics is only available to users in Creator Mode on the platform.

Regularly viewing these insights can help business professionals create more compelling and high-performing content and gain valuable information on who resonates with their brand.

LinkedIn hopes the analytics updates will help the community become a more valuable and powerful resource for business professionals everywhere.

Final thoughts

LinkedIn has always been a major hub for businesses and individual professionals alike. These updates in 2023 will continue to establish LinkedIn as the source for job searches, career advancement and networking and make engaging with the platform a better experience for all.

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